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Musicians Josh has played with, recorded with, or studied with:

  • Jackie Warren – Pianist and friend, Cleveland’s “First Lady of Jazz” & “Salsa Queen”. Jackie plays on Josh’s jazz albums.
  • Peter Dominguez – Amazing Bass player, professor at Oberlin, past teacher and bass player on Josh’s jazz albums.
  • Roy Poper – Josh’s trumpet teacher from Oberlin, Roy is a great trumpet teacher and performer.
  • Terry Everson – Terry was Josh’s teacher at BU. He is an inspiring performer and teacher.
  • Andy Hunter – Andy is a great Trombone player and a fellow Oberlin alum, he plays Josh’s CD Into the Night.
  • Steve Kortyka – Steve is a great Sax player, he plays on Josh’s CD Into the Night.
  • Avi Bialo – Avi is a great trumpet player.
  • Scott Stein – Scott is a singer/songwriter/pianist.
  • Marcus Belgrave – Detroit trumpet legend and past Oberlin professor. Marcus plays on Trumpet Genesis.
  • Michael Sachs – First trumpet of the Cleveland Orchestra
  • Geneviève Leclair – Fellow BU alum.  Geneviève is the conductor on my baroque CD.
  • Jack Schantz – Amazing jazz trumpeter, former director of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra – plays on Trumpet Genesis.
  • Dan Wilson – Friend and incredible jazz guitarist from Akron.



  • Five/Four productions – Five/Four Productions have produced two of Josh’s albums. They have around 15 Grammy awards for production/engineering!
  • Austin Custom Brass – Trent Austin has a great shop with horns, mouthpieces, and more.
  • Torpedo Bags – Josh uses a torpedo bag “Loredo” in brown.
  • Pickett Brass – Josh plays on a Pickett Brass mouthpiece.
  • International Trumpet Guild – The ITG is a community of trumpeters and hosts an annual international conference.





  • Mike Rzepka – Josh’s brother Mike is a very talented artist. He does the design and layout for all of Josh’s CDs.
  • Robert J. Saferstein – Very talented photographer and composer. Robert has taken many of Josh’s photos.





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